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Meditation Cushion - Comfortable Zafu Floor Pillow -Large Floor Cushion Seating for Adults

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Tibetan Floor Pillow

Tibetan Floor Pillow-2

Removable Covers


  • The Tibetan Meditation Cushion Set comes with an extra free cover for easy replacement if it gets dirty.
Tibetan Floor Pillow-3

Large Sitting Cushion


  • It's 16*16*5 round cushion. It's big enough to meditate on, or for just chilling on the floor with a book.
Tibetan Floor Pillow-4

Portable Handle


  • Floor cushion with a useful handle and a cool, calming vibe from center mandala design
Tibetan Floor Pillow-5

Natural buckwheat material


  • A minimal and natural vibe at home, this cushion is a good option thanks to the buckwheat hulls filling materials.