Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner Ceramic, Handmade Censer

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[Mythology Figure] In Hinduism, Ganesha represents wisdom, auspiciousness and success, who is very popular in India, the birthplace of yoga. When you look at it, it can calm you down and relieve your stress and tiredness.
[Waterfall Effect] Placing a lighted incense cone on the hat of Ganesha, the smoke flows down from its nose gently and converges on the lotus bowl, creating a peaceful and mesmerizing atmosphere to alleviate your anxiety and fatigue.
[Exquisite Decoration] Such a delicate ornament can be placed wherever you like to exhibit your personality and taste, as it is made of high-grade ceramic by proficient craftsmen and passing strict quality inspection, owning its unique elegance and classic.
[Wide Application] With an aromatic incense cone, it can assist you to meditate more attentively and create a fragrant ambiance to give you a sweet dream. It can be widely used in various spaces, such as living room, bedroom, office, meditation or yoga room.
[Giftable for Your Love] For the nice moral represented by Ganesha, it can be used as an ideal gift for your family and friends on birthday, housewarming gatherings, Thanksgiving and Christmas, to convey your best wishes to them.(Note: No cones included)