Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner, 60 Reflux Incense Cones+30 Incense Sticks

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Exquisite craftsmanship: The incense burner made of ceramics, made by skilled craftsmen in traditional style and exquisite handwork. We focus on this industry and have many years of production experience. The reverse smoke of the waterfall incense burner looks wonderful and mysterious.
Features and functions: Create a mysterious atmosphere, the smoke evaporates like a waterfall, and the cone-shaped incense burner surrounded by smoke looks wonderful and mysterious. Fresh air, good sleep, calm mood, relieve anxiety, relieve fatigue, etc.
Applications: Widely used in offices, yoga, living rooms, bedrooms, tea rooms, temples, etc. Create a pleasant atmosphere. Even if there is no incense, it can be used as decorations and holiday gifts
Exquisite packaging: The sachet contains 60 incense cones and 30 Incense Stick Our ceramic incense burners are all hand-painted. Therefore, the patterns and colors of each incense burner are slightly different.
️After-sales service: Please use high-quality incense cones and place the incense holder in a room with no wind. The effect is best.

Name: backflow incense burner
Light the reflux cone, wait for a moment, place it over the hole of the burner, then the smoke vapor will fall like a waterfall and the cone incense burner is surrounded by smoke, which looks wonderful and mysterious.
Use a reflex incense burner and incense cone to create a relaxing atmosphere. It helps to refresh the air, calm the emotions, relieve anxiety and fatigue, relieve stress, improve the quality of sleep and inspire. You can use a small incense burner and fireproof mat to light the incense cone anywhere for meditation and relaxation.
Meet your needs to use different types of incense in many occasions. The ash tray plate on the mountain has enough space to catch the ash that falls when burning incense.