Ceramic Moon Backflow Incense Burner, 100 Waterfall Incense Cones, 50 Incense Stick,

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【Elegant Design】: Under the moon, the waterfall of the inverted incense burner falls full of lotus leaves, and the fish in the pond play happily. Bring you a good moral. Cool waterfall of the inverted incense burner shape is blue moon, he seems to be in the beautiful night sky. Such a scene is so comfortable and beautiful.
【Product Included】: We come with a cool moon incense burner, 100 waterfall incense cone, 50 incense sticks, gold pads, tweezers. Light the incense cone, put it on the top of the incense burner, then you can see the smoke flowing down gently like a waterfall.
【Widely Used】:Using the reflux incense cone in the waterfall incense burner helps purify the air, meditate and relax, relieve stress, inspire and improve the quality of sleep. The incense cone holder can be widely used in living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel, etc. Our incense burner can be used as a decorative item even if the cone is not lit.
【Quality Service】: We provide beautiful colorful boxes for our incense burners, each product is made to ensure quality, and our incense holder is a very beautiful gift. We and 24 hours for you to solve any problem about the product.