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Amethyst Crystal Tree: Healing Stones on Copper Wire Base - Spiritual Desk Decor for Home or Office, Ideal Gift for Anyone

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Product Description

Crystal gives more meaning and energy to Life Tree


Tree of Life of Mother Earth

Tree of Life -- Strength, stability and vitality.

It symbolizes Wisdom, Understanding, Love, Severity, Beauty, Victory, Splendor and Foundation.

Ideal as a gift for someone you care about (Mom, Dad, Wife, Husband, Friend, Sister, Brother, Niece, Aunt, etc.).


Healing Crystal Tree

Healing crystal tree, also called life tree, lucky tree, money tree.

It is said to bring luck fotune, blessings and wealth.

Can brought you or the one you love the energe attract success, prosperity, wealth and all good fotune.

Healing Crystal Luck Tree ---- The guardian tree as a symbol of good fortune.


This's a crystal tree made of natural crystal gravel with raw crystal and copper wire.

It's a favourite because of the powerful reiki energy of the union of the tree is deeply rooted in the earth and the crystal from Mother Earth.

It's often called the Tree of life, the Luck tree or the Money tree.

About: How to revive a crystal tree.


Step 1

To facilitate packing and transport, the crystal tree was bent and we needed to straighten it to restore the tree to its upright state.


Step 2

Then adjust the four main large branches to the right angle.


Step 3

Stretch and straighten the three smaller of the four main branches.


Step 4

We need to stretch and straighten each of the smallest twigs of the crystal and adjust them to the right angle.

Product details:



It can be used as a daily/business/birthday gift. Give to those we care about on some festival: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Wedding Anniversary, Valentine's Day etc.

When They Receive This Gift, They Will Feel our Love, Care and Blessings for Her Or Him.