Porcelain Incense Burner (Stick/Cone/Roll Incense) Ceramic green

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Packing list:

Incense burner (Censer) X1

Lid X1

20 Pan incense X1

Fire Mat X1

Special style: This is a very special style, with golden strokes and not many patterns, it looks very fashionable and atmospheric, making your life more delicate and special.

Material: This ceramic incense burner is fired with natural earth. Ceramics are handcrafted, fired in a furnace with natural soil, and porcelain incense burners are fired at high temperatures. The lid is copper alloy. Reflect your elegant taste

Size: 10cm in diameter, 9cm in height, easy to take anywhere, and can be used by many types of incense.

Elegant taste: Lit an incense, clean air, refreshing, Maintain a pleasant body and mind, improve work efficiency.

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